Where We Play

We have a reputation for crowd pleasing, getting everyone partying and exceeding expectations. Each gig is a challenge and we are never complacent about entertaining your guests.

This makes us versatile for the types of gigs we play, whether for weddings or functions, corporate gigs or openings or day events like festivals or final night parties. If you are throwing a party and want authentic and impressive music, consider us as a band to book.



We have considerable experience in playing weddings. Couples who contact us have carefully considered what they want as the soundtrack to their big day. They decide on us usually as they want to have an authentic music experience for their reception, and are generally enthusiastic music fans themselves. We can also provide DJ music before and after our live set to provide a full programme of music for the evening.



We've played a wide range of functions, from film festival closing events to corporate parties for employees - and have always received a good report for engaging with the crowd and making the night the best event it could for everyone. Talk to us about how we can programme the night for you, including providing DJ music before and after our live set.



We've played clubs nights, its always tricky to weigh up the audience and we make sure we do that before we arrive with some background knowledge. We tailor our set to suit the crowd where possible. we're not a sit back and enjoy the show type of band though, if you expect people to be dancing on tables we are perhaps the act for you.



The racketeers have been playing in bars since 2006, this is where we cut our teeth. We don't really have a residency as this would lead us open to stagnancy which is not part of our repertoire. But we do play regularly at a number of places where suits, so please get in contact if you like our sound.



The Racketeers now have a number of festivals under their belt - and we like them. The style of music we play, and how we play it, is great for a festival audience. There's no way we finish our first set without people dancing, and usually by the end of the gig everybody is rockin' - thats the way we like it.